Classic Lettuce Wrap Recipe with garlic sesame sauce

Chicken lettuce wrap with garlic sesame and hoisin sauces

Classic Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Hoisin and Garlic Sesame sauces Recipe

A traditional lettuce wrap with diced chicken, water chestnuts, mushrooms and stir fried with an aromatic hoisin sauce.

Ingredients: Family Serving

¼ C.        Garlic Sesame Sauce (Starport 209), (2.5 oz.)
¼ C.        Classic Hoisin Sauce – gluten free (Starport 128), (2.5 oz.)
8 oz.       Chicken, diced, marinated and velvetized (see  instructions below)
¼ C.        Red onions, diced (1.5 oz.)
3/8 C.     Red bell pepper, diced (2 oz.)
¼ C.        Water chestnuts, diced (1.5 oz.)
½ C.        Mushrooms, diced (1.5 oz.)
3 Tbsp.   Green onions, chopped
8 ea.       Iceberg lettuce cups, trimmed
2 Tbsp.   Corn oil


1.  Heat griddle (or wok) at high heat. When hot, add oil then add velvetized chicken and sear about 20 seconds, then stir.
2.  Add onions and red bell peppers, let sear about 20 seconds.
3.  Add water-chestnuts and mushrooms, sauté 30 seconds.
4.  Add Classic Hoisin Sauce and Garlic Sesame Marinade Sauce and stir-fry about 45-60 seconds until steaming hot.
5.  Add green onions.
6.  Toss well and remove.
7.  Serve with lettuce cups.

Meat Marinade and Velvetization:

1.  To marinate: For 10 lbs. sliced or diced meat, dissolve 0.4 lb. (7/8 C.) Marinade Seasoning (Gluten Free Starport 356) with 1-1/4 C. water and 1 C. oil.
2.  Mix well then add meat and marinate for 30 minutes or more. May be covered in a container and refrigerate overnight.
3.  To velvetize: Oil blanch meat in deep fryer at 350 F in 2-pound batches for 60-80 seconds, un-clump the meat pieces, remove and drain off oil.
(Oil blanching seals the juice in the sliced meat surfaces and can be quickly reheated in the wok or griddle make cook-to-order fast.)
4.  When cool, place in covered container and refrigerate, use as needed. Make batch daily.

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